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We offer a range of services to meet your needs

Berkshire Safety Consultancy strives to enhance workplace safety, minimise risks, and ultimately create a secure environment for employees and stakeholders. Our commitment to excellence and proactive approach makes us an excellent choice for businesses seeking expert safety solutions

Compliance Assessment

Safety compliance assessments are vital for organisations to ensure adherence to rules and standards safeguarding employees, the environment, and the public. They involve a thorough review of safety practices, policies, and procedures, identifying areas for improvement in aspects like workplace safety, equipment maintenance, and emergency response plans. 

These assessments prevent accidents, reduce risks, and bolster an organisation's reputation, minimising legal liabilities. Regular updates demonstrate an ongoing commitment to a safe environment, fostering a culture of safety.

andling, and emergency response plans..

No Diving Sign
Fire extinguisher Inspection

Fire Safety Assessment

Fire safety assessments are vital evaluations in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, ensuring preparedness for fire emergencies. These assessments analyse fire prevention measures such as alarms, detectors, extinguishers, sprinklers, and exit routes. 

They also evaluate training and evacuation plans. The goal is to identify and correct potential hazards, minimising fire risks and enhancing occupant safety. Regular assessments are crucial for risk management, saving lives, protecting property, and ensuring legal compliance with industry standards.

Site Risk Assessment

Site risk assessments, conducted in various environments like construction sites, industrial facilities, and public spaces, systematically identify and mitigate potential hazards. They comprehensively examine site layout, equipment, processes, and environmental factors to assess risks to workers, visitors, and the community. 

These assessments recognise dangers, evaluate their likelihood and severity, and recommend preventive measures for safer work environments, regulatory compliance, and the protection of lives and the environment. Integral to responsible risk management, site risk assessments ensure the well-being of all individuals involved or impacted by a specific site.

a group of three men looking at house plans on a building site
Training course


Fire warden and competent person training are crucial for organisational fire safety. Fire wardens lead evacuations, use firefighting equipment, and communicate during emergencies. Competent person training ensures understanding and implementation of facility-specific safety measures, including inspections, equipment maintenance, and emergency planning. Competent individuals recognise hazards and implement controls to protect workers. These programs foster a fire-safe culture, preparing personnel for incidents and meeting legal obligations.

Bespoke Health and Safety policies

Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations effortlessly with our tailored service. For companies with 5 or more employees, we create bespoke Health and Safety policies aligned with CHAS, Construction line, and SSIP standards. Our customised policies reflect your business, clearly outlining H&S's responsibilities and rules for employees. Whether for offices or construction firms, our service ensures a comprehensive, written H&S policy that meets regulatory requirements and fosters a safe working environment.

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