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Health & Safety Assessments

including Gas Safety Checks

Taking a proactive approach to health and safety is crucial.


But where should you begin with a health and safety risk assessment? What elements must landlords cover? And what are the next steps?

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Full Health & Safety Assessment

As a landlord or managing agent, ensuring your rental properties are safe and compliant can feel overwhelming.


We offer a comprehensive package that streamlines the process for only £299 within 25miles of Maidenhead. 

CP12 gas safety check

Did you know? Landlords are legally required to have all gas appliances in their rental properties inspected annually by a qualified registered engineer. This ensures the safety of your tenants and protects you from potential liabilities.

Our detailed reports identify potential hazards and ensure your properties meet all legal requirements. This combined package provides complete peace of mind at a competitive price.

Our Hassle-Free Gas Safety Service:

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Ensure Compliance, Protect Your Tenants

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