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Health and Safety E-learning: Tailored Courses for Your Needs

We offer a wide range of online health and safety courses suitable for most organisations in the UK.

These courses can be purchased and customised to fit your specific needs and workplace environment.

See How Your Business
Can Customise Our Courses

Contact us today to begin your health and safety e-learning journey! 

Addressing Training Gaps

Why Study with Berkshire Safety Consultants

Every year, accidents and injuries occur, leading to personal suffering, fatalities, and financial penalties for companies. These incidents highlight the importance of health and safety training, which our online courses can effectively address.

Customisable Learning

Our powerful and user-friendly learning management system provides a comprehensive audit trail. It also allows you to add, edit, or delete content within modules, create additional test questions, and tailor courses to your specific requirements.

Expert-Led Content

Our e-learning courses are produced by qualified health and safety experts and learning specialists. This ensures learners gain the maximum benefit from engaging content that includes animations, videos, audio, text, and images.

Interactive Learning

The interactive nature of our courses fosters a strong safety culture within your business, leaving a lasting effect on your employees

Adaptability at Your Fingertips

 Unlike traditional online courses, our learning management system allows you to customise a range of courses. This means you can react to changes in your workplace immediately, ensuring your training stays relevant.

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