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Risk Assessment

Master Risk Assessment with Our Effective Risk Assessment Online E-learning Course!

Risk Assessment

Keep your workplace safe and compliant. It's the law!

Does your business have 5 or more employees?

Then you're legally required to conduct risk assessments. Our interactive course makes it easy!

Why take this course?
- Learn how to identify hazards and risks in your workplace.
- Understand who should carry out risk assessments and the relevant legislation.
- Master the stages of risk assessment for effective implementation.
- Identify who is at risk and assess the level of risk involved.

What will you learn?
- Identifying workplace hazards and potential risks.
- Understanding legal requirements and who's responsible for assessments.
- Mastering the different stages of conducting a risk assessment.
- Identifying those at risk and assessing the severity of risks.

Take control of safety. Enrol today!

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A Comprehensive Approach to Safety with our e-learning courses!

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