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Permit To Work Systems

Keep your high-risk work safe and legal with our Permit to Work Systems Online Course!

Permit To Work Systems

What are Permits to Work (PTWs)?

PTWs are a crucial part of keeping employees safe during high-risk activities. This course provides the essential knowledge for both employers and employees to understand their roles and responsibilities in the PTW system.

Why take this course?
- Ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.
- Protect your employees from potential hazards.
- Reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and costly disruptions.

What will you learn?
- What PTWs are and when they're needed.
- How to properly issue, use, and withdraw PTWs.
- The key roles and responsibilities of employers and employees.
- How to control hazards associated with high-risk work.

Get started today and ensure a safer work environment for everyone!

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