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Manual Handling Interactive

This course is essential if your employees carry out manual handling tasks, which are a legal requirement under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations.

Manual Handling Interactive

Protect your staff and your business!

Why take this course?

- Over a quarter of accidents reported to the -- HSE involve manual handling.
- Our course will equip your staff with the knowledge to minimise risks and perform safe lifts.

What will you learn?
- The costs associated with manual handling injuries.
- Legal requirements and guidelines for manual handling.
- How to conduct a basic LITE risk assessment before lifting.
- Safe lifting techniques.
- Measures to reduce the risk of injury.

This course is perfect for:
- Employers with staff who perform manual handling tasks.
- Anyone who wants to learn how to lift safely.

- Interactive and accessible on all devices, including mobiles.
- Fully editable version available to tailor the course to your needs.

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