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Fire Warden Interactive Training

Fire Wardens play a vital role in keeping everyone safe at work. The Fire Safety Regulatory Order 2005 requires them to receive proper training.

Fire Warden Interactive Training

The Fire Safety Regulatory Order 2005 requires Fire Wardens to receive proper training, and this course is your one-stop shop!

In this interactive online course, you'll learn:

- Your duties and responsibilities as a Fire Warden.
- How fires start and how to prevent them.
- Key fire prevention methods and basic precautions.
- The importance of escape routes and actions to take in a fire.
- Your role in fire drills and what to do during an emergency.
- Different types of fire extinguishers in your workplace.
- This course is delivered through a combination of videos, audio, text, and images. Plus, you can customise the content to fit your specific workplace needs!

Enrol today and become a fire safety champion!

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