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Electrical Safety

Electricity is essential, but it can be dangerous. This interactive online course equips you with the knowledge to work safely around electricity and prevent accidents.

Electrical Safety

This engaging online course uses animation, video, and interactive elements to make essential electrical safety knowledge accessible and memorable. Take control of your safety and prevent accidents. Enrol today and power up your knowledge!

What you'll learn:
- Understand the basic principles of electricity and how it works.
- Learn about the Electricity at Work Regulations and your responsibilities in complying with them.
- Master how to recognise potential electrical dangers in your workplace.
- Discover how electricity can harm you and what to do in case of an incident.
- Learn simple but potentially life-saving first aid measures for electrical accidents.
- Gain the knowledge to minimise the risk of fire and explosion hazards associated with electricity.
- Discover practical tips for staying safe around electrical equipment in both office and general workplace settings.
- Master proper handling techniques to avoid electrical hazards from plugs, sockets, and cables.
- Understand the importance of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and its role in electrical safety.

Invest in Safety. Enrol Today!

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