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COSHH Interactive

Does your workplace use cleaning chemicals, dust, or airborne contaminants? These seemingly everyday substances can be hazardous if not handled properly.

COSHH Interactive

Hazardous substances like cleaning chemicals, dust, and airborne contaminants are commonplace in many workplaces. But are employees aware of the risks involved in handling, using, and storing them? Inadequate training can put everyone at risk. This COSHH Interactive course empowers you to protect yourself, your colleagues, and visitors from the risks associated with hazardous substances.

What You'll Learn:
- COSHH Regulations Explained
-Learn to recognise different types of hazardous substances and the dangers they pose.
- Master the process of conducting thorough COSHH assessments to identify and mitigate risks.
- Understand the legal and moral obligations of both employers and employees in ensuring safe handling of hazardous substances.

This user-friendly online course provides the essential knowledge you need to comply with COSHH regulations and foster a safe working environment. Enrol today and safeguard your workforce from the hidden dangers of hazardous substances.

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