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Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos exposure can be deadly. This course equips you to identify and manage asbestos in your workplace, protecting yourself, your employees, and contractors.

Asbestos Awareness

Many buildings built before 2000 contain asbestos. As a building owner or manager, you're legally obligated to assess for asbestos.

What You'll Learn:
- Identify different asbestos types and their common locations in buildings.
- Understand the role of a Duty Holder in managing asbestos.
- Learn practical strategies for identifying and managing asbestos in your workplace.
- Gain the knowledge to demonstrate compliance with CAR 2012.

Fast, Flexible, and Effective:
- 30-Minute Completion: - - Complete the course quickly and conveniently online.
- The course is designed for all employee levels.

This course is an essential tool for any business owner or manager responsible for a building built before 2000. Protect your workers, ensure compliance, and create a safer work environment.

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