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Accident Investigation

Accidents happen. But how you respond can make all the difference

Accident Investigation

This course equips you with the skills to investigate accidents and near misses effectively, preventing future occurrences and fostering a safer work environment.

What You'll Learn:
- Investigative Techniques: Master the process of investigating accidents, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.
- Reporting & Recommendations: Discover how to write clear and comprehensive accident reports, including key details and actionable recommendations.
- Root Cause Analysis: Delve into the underlying factors that contribute to accidents, preventing them from happening again.
- Safety Standards & Legislation: Understand your legal obligations and best practices for accident investigation.

Invest in a Safer Future:
This online course is an essential tool for any organisation. By learning to effectively investigate accidents, you'll create a safer workplace, reduce costs, and foster a culture of safety awareness. Enrol today and make a difference.

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